If you’re an animal lover looking for funny animal stories, dog training stories, or dog training disasters this is your place. If you’re an aspiring author yourself I also have a place for you. And if you happen to be a writing animal lover, well let’s just say you’ve found blog heaven. I’ve also recently added a brain vomit category. It’s a place for me to toss my random thoughts. Occasionally there is something I just want to talk or rage about, and now I have a place to put it.

This blog serves two purposes- The first is simply to be a fun happy place about real life, work, and most importantly my hell beast…whoops I mean dog. Of course I mean dog, there is nothing demonic about him at all. He NEVER decides he’d rather chase my ankles instead of the ball I so vigorously tossed or ever tries to use me as an undersized chair lol. The second purpose is to serve as a place to give my brain a break from my book, a place to put down my thoughts about the writing process, my “ah ha!” moments, and my “oh god why did that happen” moments as well. It’s a place to encourage myself and other aspiring authors. A place to help us figure out what type of writers we are, and of course a place I hope both my readers and I can learn from.

About Me

Most everyone I know has called me crazy at least once. I own 3 rescue “Easter bunnies”, 2 shelter cats, and one Rufus; a mutt of origins so unknown even wisdompanel could only tell me half of his history. So to say my love of animals is unhealthy might not be far from the truth. Onto my literature background,  I’m ashamed to admit that before e-books my reading habits decimated forests, and since then my wallet stays empty. The husband says if it weren’t for cloud readers I’d need a few external hard drives by now. He might be right, after all his left brain does complete my right brain. That’s me in a nutshell. Follow my blog and find out more.