As many of you know I’ve taken a short break from writing and editing. I hope that within the next month I can give it another go, but in the meantime I’ve been working with Rufus and spending time with family.

My in-laws have a pair of large dogs, and are physically unable to do certain things with them.  The past few weekends I’ve made sure to spend a little extra time with their dogs and realized that no matter how much I help them, or how much I donate, or how many cutesy clothes I buy from organizations that donate their proceeds to animal shelters I never feel it’s enough. I constantly stalk our neighboring counties humane societies’ website and try to convince my husband we could take on another dog. Seeing the pictures of the doggies that were surrendered eats at my soul. Those dogs knew what it was like to have love and a family, and then all that was torn away from them.


I’ve wanted to volunteer at the shelter for a long time, but with a full time job I always felt it was unfair to Rufus to spend extra time away from him. Only it’s summer now. Temperatures are crazy high, and while Rufus is full of energy he can’t go on outings until it cools off. My husband may not overheat like Rufus does but he hates going out when it’s hot as well. So now is the perfect time to spend a few hours each weekend volunteering! I filled out my volunteer application and I begin Saturday.

I know it won’t be all walks, and petting, and doggo kisses. There will be nasty messes to clean up. There will be feeding. But there will also be socializing, training, walking, and photo sessions. They even need people to pet the cats. I’ll be able to see if there are any bunny surrenders that don’t get posted on their website. While I don’t want to take on another rabbit (I already have 3, and I doubt they’d welcome a 4th) I’ll be able to find a good home for them.

I’m excited and nervous at the same time. My husband asked me why, and was worried that I felt homelife wasn’t enough. He didn’t understand that it’s not that homelife isn’t enough. It’s that I’ve always had the innate desire to help animals, and now is the perfect time to do so. I’m happy with life and am in a great place mentally/physically/financially, so why not. My heart wants to help, and those poor animals certainly deserve it. The difference I make might not be big, but hopefully it will be enough to keep a few tails wagging.

Have any of you volunteered at a shelter before? How was it? I know I’m doing this to appease my own heartstrings (and they’ll simultaneously be broken because it is a kill-shelter), but did you get to help as much as you’d hoped?

3 thoughts on “Volunteering

  1. I have volunteered in a wide range of areas over the years, but never at an animal shelter. All volunteer work has its pros/cons however, the volunteer will always be rewarded with the knowledge that he/she contributed. In a world which appears to be in love with material things and money in general, to simply volunteer with no expectation of any financial reward should give you a wonderful feeling of being humane. I have found that all volunteer work produced an incredible sense of purpose and satisfaction. All the best with it!

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