The last few days have been eventful for Rufus. Friday started off great when he realized we weren’t leaving after his morning potty, and got even better when he went for a ride with my hubby and me. He was expecting an adventure.

When we arrived at the vet’s office he was still happy and excited to be saying hello to all the new people and animals. He even got to introduce himself to a Great Dane while he was still blissfully unaware of what was going to happen to him.

Shortly after he met his first bigger than him dog we were called back to his exam room. On the way there we were able to get him on the scale easily enough and I was feeling hopeful. Last time we went no amount of coaxing could get him on it. He weighed in at only 96lbs and that surprised me. I thought he was easily in the triple digits.

After that, they left us alone in the exam room for a little while before returning and asking us to muzzle him because of his attitude during his last visit. I was a little miffed that they immediately asked considering the only time he was scary before was when they tried to remove him from a cage w/o me. Still, I agreed and they were surprised by how happy he was to stick his nose in it. I’d been feeding him treats in it for a while, though this was the first time he’d have to wear it for more than a few seconds.

Rufus was a little squirmy so the hubby sat on the floor with him as they checked his ears and eyes. Rufus let them draw blood from his front leg like a champ, but did growl a little as they messed around his hiney and gave him his shots. I asked them if he was a little fat meat since I have a hard time telling, and he did great as they rubbed him all over. “He doesn’t need to gain any weight, but he’s not overweight.” they said. We then removed the muzzle and they gave him treats and very stealthy checked out his teeth which are also looking good. After going through such a terrible ordeal we took him to PetSmart and he picked out a toy that lasted all of 5mins.

Saturday we could tell he wasn’t feeling that great. He was extra clingy so we allowed him into the bedroom. He didn’t even attempt to eat my stuffed animals, barely sniffed my rabbits, and was content just to lie next to me. It was nice, and I felt guilty for enjoying his subdued behavior.

Only his good behavior didn’t extend into the evening. We were outside playing and he went to an area of the yard that’s overrun with Kudzu. I didn’t think anything of it; he’s been sniffing over there for a few weeks now and never went in too deep. But this time bad things happened. I heard a lot more rustling than normal and then a loud squeak. I ran around to where he was scared out of my mind that he’d been bitten by a snake. (We had a warm winter and they’re bad this year) But Rufus wasn’t the one injured. He’d found a baby bunny.

He proudly carried it within sight of the hubby and I then dropped it, chased it, and grabbed it again. I don’t think he initially meant to kill it. He was just trying to play.  But my husband and I were slightly horrified. He was torturing the poor thing. No command would get him to “leave it” (Something else I obviously need to work harder on.) It lasted longer than I’d like, but was pretty quick. I didn’t want him to eat the bunny so I pulled out the big guns. They failed of course, no amount of pepperoni would pull him from his prize and he quickly swallowed it whole.

I’m not being a judgy mcjudgerson, I know what happened is perfectly natural, but it took a minute for me to be able to look at him again. I have 3 pet rabbits, and watching my dog eat a poor little bunny was heartbreaking. Once over the initial shock I calmed my husband who was just as affronted by the ordeal as I originally was and quickly researched what to watch out for. Sunday I started mixing pumpkin in his food, and Monday I went to the vet to grab some tapeworm medicine.

Yesterday started off as another great day for Rufus. It was a holiday so we got to spend extra time with him. He got a new toy (far cheaper than the PetSmart one) and destroyed it just as quickly. Then the fireworks started. He didn’t mind the fireworks at first. They were far enough away and we were there so he saw no reason to worry.

Then came bedtime. He flopped down like normal until three of our neighbors started shooting off their fireworks. Poor buddy was scared or angry, I’m not sure which. Regardless he pushed aside the curtains and was scratching and barking at the window. Yes, Yes, I know you’re not supposed to reward barking out the window, but no way was I risking him hurting himself. Luckily after I went out to sit with him he abandoned his mission to eat the flashing noise monsters. It was two in the morning before I was finally able to return to bed.

I was prepared to deal with the fireworks that were going off Friday, Saturday, and this coming weekend. But what kind of person shoots off fireworks in a residential neighborhood within city limits at midnight in the middle of the week? Southerners that’s who! ….Okay that half-joke may be in poor taste. But when my local friends in more rural areas post on Facebook, “Playing the gunshot or firework guessing game tonight,” you know it’s not far off the mark.

So it has been a crazy few days for my little hellbeast. Luckily everything should be getting back to normal now.

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