Last Halloween we gave Rufus his own pumpkin. He omnomed it for days, thank goodness pumpkin is good for dogs.

Only, this spring I noticed a strange new weed in my yard that looked similar to the kudzu attacking my fence. I mowed it down a few times, but my yard keeping skills have gone downhill and I haven’t looked at the lawnmower in a few weeks.


Yesterday while we were waiting for Rufus to do his business the husband whispered in astonished awe, “poopoo pumpkins.”

While saying strange things just for laughs is common between us that one was a little bit out there. Flash a few moments forward and I had been educated that those “weeds” were in fact pumpkin vines. I am apparently now supposed to be very cautious when I next cut grass not to mow over those plants. “Rufus worked hard on his garden and you must take care of it so he can have poopoo pumpkins for Halloween.”

Strange things happen when you have a dog. Have any of you had your dogs plant their own fruits/veggies? And yes, I’m going to try to let the pumpkins grow 🙂


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